Miriam Kilali

My ideas are free of temporal and spatial relations
The projects play out in our universe
They provide impulses for open spaces for thought and consciousness


Light as an Elixir of Life

This project has the motto “Being present in eternity”. Nine large sky laser projectors beam an optical sign into space while the International Space Station ISS flies overhead. the measure, titled “Universal Message”, was carried out in May 2022 in the city of Monheim am Rhein. Click!


The Aesthete as Reality

The world’s most attractive homeless shelters in Moscow and Berlin. At the center of this work stands: “What happens in the world results from human activity. We create our reality ourselves and on our own responsibility.” The residents are active participants in the project. Click!

on air

The World as a Whole

In this sound installation in downtown Mainz, the bells of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome are heard in alternation with the call of the muezzin of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The installation can be heard for hundreds of meters from the roof of a Catholic church. The bell and muezzin in unison symbolize the peaceful living together of religions. Click!

Experimental Universe

Awareness as an Adventure

The focus here is on art and philosophy. The foundation stone has been laid in the artists’ village of Schöppingen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The “goal-oriented groundbreaking” and the “open-ended foundation stone laying” herald the new era of the experimental universe.


After my post-graduate studies (a Master of Arts in “Art in Context” at the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin, I realize primarily participatory projects. Installations in public space as well as photos, films, drawings, and paintings are components of my oeuvre.

Philosophical questions usually stand at the center.

The aforementioned projects “Wealth” in Moscow and Berlin and the sound installation “ON AIR“ in Mainz have drawn much international attention Numerous projects and exhibitions have followed.

Little major changes – that’s my artistic motto

I am currently tying together art and philosophy; numerous new works result from this.

Miriam Kilali (Foto)
I live and work in Berlin

2019 – 23Studied Philosophy, Berlin, Zurich.
2000 – 03completed a Master of Arts, UdK Berlin.
1994 – 00Studied Visual Art, Kunsthochschule (KHB) and University of Arts (UdK) Berlin.